Profitability Tracking Software Real-time management of your business

Monitoring profitability is the most important thing in service project. Timmi Projects helps you to keep track of the profitability of your business.

Lucca software

Invoice on time

Projects managers manage their invoicing schedule and the finance department monitors work-in-progress in real time.

Follow the progress of projects

Budget overruns are valued in standard sales prices and are highlighted to encourage their rebilling.

Measure Projects profitability

A comprehensive and limited set of profitability indicators provides unprecedented visibility into the business.

5 features that go beyond
traditional business management

  • Real-time calculation of turnover (including fixed price)
  • Breakdown of turnover by client, by project and by consultant
  • Involvement of project managers in invoicing
  • Highlighting of billing gaps and delays
  • Native integration with Timmi Timesheet
Timmi Projects combines the rigor of an accounting approach and operational follow-up.

CFO and Projects Manager, same goals

Our objective with Timmi Projects was to combine the rigor of an accounting approach, to satisfy the financial management, and the implementation of operational monitoring indicators to help managers in their project management.

In order to achieve this, we favored a valuation of the time spent in standard sales price, which we believe is more judicious than the margin calculation.

From then on, two indicators stand out: the overrun, by difference with the selling price, and the net outstanding invoices already issued.

Monitoring and acting on these two indicators is the guarantee of good project management, since they reflect the ability to avoid overruns (or to negotiate a rider) as well as to quickly invoice the time spent.

We believe we have proven that business management can be both useful and simple.

Turnover follow-up in real time

Timmi Projects calculates the turnover from the time spent by the consultant on a project.

This calculation is based on the percentage of completion for fixed-price projects, and on the time spent for projects under contract.

Timmi Projects allows you to benefit from an unprecedented visibility on your income statement.

In addition, a monthly closing mechanism allows you to freeze the accounts to avoid undesirable effects in case of modification of the “remaining work”.

Detailed analysis of the turnover:

Not only does Timmi Projects calculate the turnover in real time, but it does so at a very high level of detail. For example, it is possible to evaluate the weekly turnover of a consultant on all his projects, whether they are fixed price or on a contract basis.

Highlighting of billing gaps and delays

The dashboard of Timmi Projects highlights two essential indicators designed to help in the decision making process and to take action.

The overrun, evaluated in standard selling prices, corresponds to the difference between the resources initially allocated to the project and those that will actually be used. An efficient project manager minimizes or recharges it.

The work in progress indicates the difference between the resources consumed on the project at a given time and the amount of invoices already issued. Seeking to reduce it is a sign of sound management.

Involvement of Projects managers in the billing process

Triggering the invoicing of a fixed price project requires good collaboration between the operational staff (who know when and how much to invoice) and the back office (who know how to invoice).

Timmi Projects facilitates this collaboration by means of an invoicing schedule and automatic reminders to project managers for confirmation of deadlines.

Once the deadline is confirmed, the invoice is issued in a few clicks, then sent to your ERP

Native integration with Timmi Timesheet, Lucca's time recording tool

Time entry on projects is the key to successful business management. The ergonomics of the data entry solution must therefore be perfect.

Timmi Projects relies on the Timmi Timesheet solution, whose ergonomics and functionalities facilitate data entry to the maximum: auto-completion, duplication, bookmarking of usual projects, etc…

Your consultants will have no more excuses!