Catalog and training requests It’s easier to upgrade your skills if you’re on the right path

Forget juggling Excel files and Post-it notes to manage training courses. Centralize offers, track employee requests and manage your training plan from a single tool.

Lucca software

Create your training catalog

Whether internal or external, your employees can access the training catalog to make their own training requests.

Schedule sessions

Once managers have put forward their suggestions, you group them by course and then organize and schedule the sessions for the year.

Keep track of your budget

You manage forecasted, committed and actual expenses in real time. You can also plan and adjust your budget as you implement your training programs.

So that your training plan runs smoothly

Stages & follow-up

Employees have a clear, real-time view of the status of their training requests. Managers and the HR department also keep track of who has been trained on which topics.

Provisional plan

Anticipate the future by establishing your training plan and use a budget forecast to build your provisional training plan.

Integration with Poplee Performance

Add a dedicated question about training needs to your review campaigns. Employees can request training directly on their self-assessment forms.

Prioritizing requests

Managers assess the priority of each training request to help schedule the most urgent sessions.

Internal training courses

If employees have knowledge of a certain topic that they’d like to share, they can offer in-house training courses. From a dedicated interface, they can track requests and sessions for the training courses they provide.

Poplee Training makes it easier to manage training-related topics. It is a simpler, more efficient approach than using complex Excel spreadsheets, and it provides greater transparency for employees.

Réjane PELLETIER - HR Business Partner at Izipizi

catalogue de formations

A ready-to-use training catalog so you can find the training course that suits you best

Employees can browse the company’s training catalog at their own leisure and study the content of each course in detail to find the one that’s right for them.

If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they can submit an off-catalog request and suggest new training courses or organizations.

You can also supplement the catalog with in-house training courses. Any employee can share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues. Internal training is valued as much as certifications, mandatory or optional courses.

Requests and monitoring, manage training all in one place

Keeping track of training requests shouldn’t be like hunting for treasure.

Employees select the training course they want from the catalog, and they can view the status of their request in real time. Managers receive all the requests and assess the priority of each request, all in the same place.
Once employees complete a training course, they can rate it using an instant evaluation form. With this rating system, you can measure the impact of training courses on employee development, and modify the training courses you offer by keeping only the best ones in the catalog.

Last but not least, you keep track of who has been trained on which topic to avoid any employees taking the same course twice and to better manage skills development within the company.

Regain control of your training budget

Poplee Training allows you to plan and adjust your budget as you develop your training plans. You can easily track your performance indicators: goals on hours of training to be carried out, calculation of average hourly cost… And therefore check that this matches your budget.

  • Information on the costs of a training session
  • Relate training courses to their sources of funding
  • Dashboard summarizing the breakdown of your budget in terms of equity, trusted service operators and subsidies.
  • Contextual budgetary information to help make decisions before doing anything that may impact your training programs

Put training back at the heart of your review campaigns

Make professional training the norm at your organization by connecting Poplee Training to Poplee Performance.

You can insert a question about training in your evaluation forms. Beforehand, employees can submit a training request directly from their self-assessment form, and managers can review the completed training courses and take stock of their employees’ wishes.

A symbiosis of the two applications to:

  • Make training and skills development a central theme of review campaigns.
  • Use review campaigns to help develop your training plan.
  • Display the history of completed training courses to prepare for reviews, without having to go through Excel.
  • Keep better track of employees’ training paths during review campaigns.