About Lucca

Lucca develops SaaS solutions to optimize administrative and HR processes. With more than 7’000 clients and 1’000’000 users, Lucca is a leader in its market.

We design software solutions that provide simple answers to specific needs: time & activities management, people management, expense reports management, online payslip distribution and wage bill monitoring.

You can use just one of our solutions or combine them to customize your own HRIS.










million turnover in 2023


growth in 2023

Different software

At Lucca, we try to make management solutions that are different. We believe that they don’t have to necessarily be grey, ugly and sad!

Our goal is to increase productivity while providing you with a simple, efficient and user-friendly experience.

User centric software

When we design our software, we first consider the people who will use it on their devices. Our solutions are intended to make their lives easier.

In other words, we design our software for the people who use it, not the people who buy it.

Simple software

More features don’t always mean better quality. When we design our software, we compare how beneficial a new feature will be to how much complexity it adds.

To decide if we should keep a new feature, we refer to the rule above: what does the end-user need?