Time management software Now is the time to drop your Excel files for a time tracking software

With Timmi Timesheet, save time by automating time-tracking and compensation hours calculation, in compliance with the SECO regulations.

Lucca software

Enter your working hours

As your employees submit their timesheets, any discrepancy compared to the theoretical hours is automatically calculated.

Control and approve

Your managers approve timesheets and use their dashboard to get an overview of their team’s workload. They are notified of any unusual situation.

Pay or get recovered overtime

Pay or get recovered overtime

Who said time tracking had to be a chore?

  • Attendance mode
  • Activity mode
  • Approval

«We use Timmi Timesheet to comply with local time-tracking regulations. Lucca managed to come up with an elegant and simple solution to an unpleasant problem.»

– Guillermo Palacios Pelayo, Country Manager at Jobteaser

Combine legal compliance and business management with Timmi Timesheet software

Article 46 of the Labor Law sets out the obligations of companies in terms of working hours monitoring. As an employer, you have to justify the schedules, the daily and weekly working hours and the duration of breaks for each of your employees.

Timmi Timesheet allows you to follow up the working hours according to your internal management rules and the SECO directives.

You are automatically alerted in case of non-compliance with the rules concerning working hours and breaks.

Timmi Timesheet manages:

  • Classic and simplified recording of working hours
  • Counting of overtime, night hours and weekend hours
  • Control of breaks duration, daily and weekly rest periods
  • Maximum duration of working time
  • Synchronization with leaves and absences in Timmi Absences
  • Possibility to transform timesheets into activity reports on billable missions (in simplified declaration mode)

They trust us:

Entering working hours made easy

Time tracking is a legal requirement, but it is also a tool for managing and monitoring workload. That said, it is too often poorly supported by employees.

To remedy this, Timmi Timesheet eliminates the tediousness of time entry. Several input modes are available depending on the needs: monitoring of working hours, monitoring of working time (simplified declaration), or detailed monitoring of time spent on each activity or project (in simplified mode).

Interface de déclaration des temps - Présence

Attendance mode

Timesheets are pre-filled according to your rules and the employees’ contracts, so they only have to enter any discrepancy before submitting their timesheets. They can also use our Google Chrome™ extension to start and stop a timer directly from their browser.

Timmi knows how to calculate overtime perfectly and automates its processing: sending it to payroll in supported formats and / or to Timmi Absences as compensatory time.

Activity mode

In simplified mode, timesheet entries could be made in hours or fractions of days and are attributed to a predefined analytical framework: a project, client, mission, etc… If your employees work on specific tasks on a daily basis, they can save time by copying last week’s timesheet or bookmark favourite projects.

Consultants can edit their activity reports in PDF format and share them with a third party, such as a client, with a single click.

A reassuring tool for HR Teams

In case of control, HR teams can access and download in a few clicks the employees’ timesheets. But beyond the legal obligation, being able to visualize the employees’ working hours per period (weekly, monthly, …), overtime and their valuation, is very useful on many levels. Timmi enables you to create and download customized reports on all this data.

Timmi Timesheet also knows how to calculate overtime, work on non-working days, etc… A specific framework can be applied to each of your operating cantons or countries.

On their side, the financial department can export these timesheet reports into their invoicing system or Business Intelligence software for complex analytical needs.

An assistant for your managers

With its configurable approval workflow, Timmi Timesheet simplifies the managers’ tasks. They can approve timesheets directly from their dashboard and Timmi automatically informs them of any atypical situation: overtime, late timesheets, breaks, night work, etc. In addition, Timmi sends reminders for overdue timesheets.

Internal rules and legal working time limits can be configured for each legal entity or employee. In case of non-compliance with a configured control, an alert is triggered and a contextualized explanation of the contractual rules is provided.