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With Lucca software, turn spreadsheets into interactive online services and streamline your internal management processes.

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Simple software for specific needs

A software is efficient when it’s simple and it’s simple when it answers a specific need. This is why each Lucca software is aimed at solving a clearly defined process. The number of features in a software doesn’t guarantee its quality.

This means that before developing a new feature, we always compare the benefit that it brings and the complexity that it entails by putting ourselves in the shoes of the end-user.

End-user centric software

When we design our software, we first think about the end-users, those who will use our solutions on a daily basis. Our aim is to make their life easier.

In other words, we design our products for those who will actually use them and not for those who buy them.

A pragmatic vision of HRIS

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational company with different subsidiaries across the world, Lucca software can be configured differently depending on the specific needs in your operating countries or regions.

Lucca’s configurable interface allows you to manage your employee’s profiles as you please. Give specific employees specific entitlement rights depending on where they work from.

Throughout Switzerland and beyond

All data processed by our Geneva-based team is secured and hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in Switzerland.

This data can also be sent directly to your fiduciary for processing (personal and professional data of employees, salary data…)

Finally, Lucca integrates perfectly with your information system and by combining our solutions with those you already have, you create your customized HRIS.

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