Expense management software Automate and streamline your expense process

With Cleemy Expenses you can easily manage your expenses and enter everything into your accounting software to put a smile on your accountants' faces

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A mobile application

Employees can enter their expenses at any time using the mobile app. They just have to take a picture of the documents and the OCR (optical character recognition) extracts the relevant information.

Manage your expense policy

Expenditure ceilings, alerts and flat rates are applied based on the employees' profiles. The rules are up to you and they will be applied automatically once you set them up. Employees with approval rights can easily review the expenses to approve or reject.

Analytics & Reporting

Cleemy Expenses manages all types of expenses (transportation, mileage, hotel, meals…) and these expenses can be linked to analytical accounts (projects, cost centers, clients…). Different modules allow you to run reports on these expenses or to integrate them in a third party system.

Cleemy Expenses, a strong management in a smooth interface

“Cleemy Expenses: we will not go back! We use the application to manage our expense reports. The tool has been accepted by all our employees. For the accounting teams, the tool is a real plus and brings a great reactivity.”

– Maxime Choisnet, CFO at Groupe Gambetta Immobilier

Good expense management relies on technological innovation, but is not limited to it

Automation technologies are now mature and widely available. However, business expertise remains essential.

Cleemy Expenses is used by many companies, associations and international corporations from various sectors of activity, ranging from a dozen to several thousand employees. This experience allows us to continually improve the software, thus encouraging you to adopt the best management practices.

On the other hand, we keep the lead on the user experience so that your employees are efficient when making their expense reports and your administrative staff relaxed when processing them. We guarantee the accounting rigor and the conceptual integrity of the software: Cleemy Expenses was not built by just piling on developments requested by our biggest clients.

Cleemy Expenses combines technologies and business expertise

A software that takes care of your expense reports for you

Your employees enter their expenses at any time thanks to the mobile application or from their computer… The OCR of Cleemy Expenses reads the receipt and creates the expense (in the appropriate currency).

With Cleemy Expense, rules are transparent and each expense is justified

Ceilings, alerts, packages… Your policy is automatically applied and can vary according to the employee’s profile.

The user experience is not limited to employees. Managers and controllers benefit from interfaces dedicated to their function helping them quickly rule on expense reports.

Managers will know where to focus their attention thanks to the alert system of Cleemy Expenses, which highlights expense reports with anomalies such as duplicates. They will be able to reject specific lines on the expense report and approve the rest. Then, it is up to your accountants or HR to play with an interface designed to control many expense reports at the same time.

Manage your employees' expenses as accurately as your supplier invoices

Double-entry accounting is an art in our eyes. Cleemy is designed according to an accounting model, which makes it capable of dialoguing easily with ERP and accounting software, not to mention payroll.

All types of expenses (transportation, mileage allowances, hotel, meals…) are managed by Cleemy. Expenses can be allocated analytically, on as many levels as necessary and all the subtleties of VAT recovery or exchange rates are automatically managed.

What do gymnasts and accountants have in common?

They’re good at keeping their balance.