Anonymous survey software Measure, analyze and continuously improve employee engagement

Take the pulse of your teams, identify areas for improvement, foster employee satisfaction and boost engagement.

Lucca software

Measure employee engagement

Playful surveys that are quick and easy to set up and implement.

Analyze survey results

Consolidated results in real time and accessible for managers and HR teams.

Improve employee satisfaction

Concrete advice at the end of each survey to immediately improve employee satisfaction.

Key information at a glance

The dedicated space to HR and Managers automatically highlights the elements that deserve your attention.

Automatic reports

Generated automatically on demand, these PDF reports allow you to present or share a summary of the results in a few clicks.

Key topics identified automatically

The team chart makes it easy to identify teams to monitor and topics to improve at each level of the company.

Ideas for action and inspiring content

Browse the library of resources to feed your action plan or train yourself on employee engagement topics.

Responding to employee feedback

Managers engage in conversation while maintaining the participants' anonymity.

"Poplee Engagement allows you to speak out, to be very reactive and not to let the small everyday frustrations pile up"

– Anne-Laure Chapuis, Corporate Social Responsability at Bel

Improve the employee satisfaction of your teams

An unspoken word is more harmful than a conflict

The first asset of a company is its people. To help them grow, simply start by giving them credit; and by giving them a voice.

Poplee Engagement surveys measure employee feedback and transform it into concrete actions that improve employee satisfaction in the long term.

Poplee Engagement makes it easy to identify the issues that motivate or demotivate your employees. Its real value lies in the discussion it generates and the concrete actions it leads to.

In other words, employee satisfaction is not a simple topic, Poplee Engagement is.

Give your teams a voice, listen and understand what they need

Poplee Engagement surveys are fully customizable: number of questions, content, frequency of mailing and access to results. The platform takes care of logistics, including emailing, so you only have to focus on what your teams need.

Workload, team spirit, sense of belonging… each motivation lever is measured and summarized in your dashboard. At a glance, you can identify engagement scores by theme and areas for improvement by team.

The results are anonymous and updated in real time on the platform as participants answer the surveys.

Encourage your employees to work on their own satisfaction

At the end of the survey, personal development content is offered to encourage employees to enhance their own experience at work. They can learn how to deal with stress, receive feedback or get better organized.

At the same time, managers can draw on the survey responses for actionable ideas. If they run out of inspiration, the Poplee Engagement offers them other ideas that they can easily implement thanks to the “action plan” feature.

Use a playful approach to increase your participation rate

Want to engage your employees? Start by getting them to want to answer your questions. The surveys’ design, length and tone have been designed to encourage a high participation rate. They are short, fun and anonymous.

A thank you will always cost less than a soccer table

Developing recognition in your company is the cheapest and most effective way to increase employee engagement. The Bloom! feature allows you to send a thank you note to a colleague, anonymously or not.

Why set up QWL survey solution in your company?


Reduce turnover and absenteism

Improve employee loyalty and retention with a complete, effective and easy-to-use HR survey solution.


  • Reduce turnover in your company;
  • Catch the signs of disengagement early on and analyze the sources of dissatisfaction that can lead to employee departure;
  • Equip managers with a simple and effective tool to give them the means to improve their teams’ engagement;
  • Build lasting employee loyalty with a human and engaging corporate culture.

Support remote working

Accompany managers in the remote working revolution on collaboration and communication modes.


  • Monitor and ensure the happiness of remote working employees;
  • Report the needs or difficulties encountered by these employees;
  • Support managers in assisting remote teams;
  • Maintain social ties, team spirit and engagement of remote workers.

Prevent psychosocial risks

Launch regular engagement surveys to listen to your employees and ensure the prevention of psychosocial risks in your company.


  • Establish a climate of well-being and safety at work;
  • Capture in real time weak signals of engagement in the company;
  • Detect and anticipate situations of both individual and collective psychosocial risks (stress, burn-out, workload, schedules, etc);
  • Implement effective actions to defuse each situation, ensure the prevention of psychosocial risks and monitor their effects over time.

Maintaining engagement in a context of transformation

Reorganization, mergers, relocation… these are all key moments not to be missed. Make sure your teams understand and adhere to your company’s transformation project at every step of the process.


  • Support change in the company and federate teams;
  • Ensure that the stakes and objectives associated with your business transformation are well understood and shared by all;
  • Follow in real-time the adaptation of the teams to the transformation for all phases of the project (announcement, design, implementation, follow-up…);
  • Adjust your communication and your business transformation plan in an iterative and agile way according to your employees’ feedback.