Managing an HR development strategy in a context of hypergrowth and international development, this is the successful feat of Estelle, HR Director of Akeneo... not without having simplified and automated some HR processes.

Akeneo develops product information management software designed to help companies control their data on e-commerce sites, mobile applications, paper catalogues and physical points of sale.

Since its first fund raising in 2013, Akeneo has continued to expand, especially internationally. After automating their administrative processes such as leaves and expense reports and distributing payslips electronically, Estelle began to focus on one-on-one interviews at the end of 2018.

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« I discovered Poplee Goals & Reviews at the end of 2018, during the preparation of Akeneo's annual review campaign. The solution is easy to use, ergonomic and the campaign progress dashboard is very convenient. I can identify at a glance who has already conducted their interview and who has not prepared it yet. »

Human Resources Manager at Akeneo

The challenge

As of today, 3 review campaigns are organized every year. 2 of them are dedicated to a certain group of employees and the 3rd one is for all employees. In 2019, Estelle also plans to add a 4th review campaign