Overhead management software The end of the grey area in your purchasing process

With Cleemy Procurement you control all the steps of your purchases: expenditure commitment, invoices, deliveries, disputes and payments.

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Track unauthorized expenses

Each approved expense commitment results in invoices to be received. Cleemy Procurement allows you to well manage the reception of your invoices.

Orchestrate your buying process

Cleemy Procurement coordinates employees, approvers and accountants for a better organized and above all better controlled process.

Reconcile and manage gaps

Invoices, deliveries and payments are compared to what was expected. Cleemy Procurement guides you to regularize discrepancies or manage disputes.

"Cleemy Procurement will allow us to have in the same place our purchase requests, their approval and the approval of their payments by the relevant people. Goodbye to Excel sheets and broken invoice links, hello traceability and time saving."

– Laurence Voirin, Office Manager at Vocaza

Good expense management relies on technological innovation, but is not limited to it

Cleemy Procurement allows an end-to-end management of the purchasing process

Purchasing is a complex management issue. It is necessary to orchestrate the follow-up of invoices, receipts, budgets, payment, accounting… It is difficult to deal with all the aspects in a single software without falling into complexity.

This is why most of the solutions intended for SME and large accounts focus on the processing of accounting documents at the expense of the reconciliation and control of the differences between forecast and actual.

Cleemy Procurement applies the accounting rigor to the management of the purchasing process, from the request to the delivery, including credit notes, payments, taxes, disputes… This approach guarantees a reliable audit trail throughout the entire process, as well as a smooth integration of the data into your accounting software.

Crystal clear, from purchase to pay

To forecast well, you need to systematize expense commitment requests. If you only process incoming invoices, your forecasts will not be very reliable.

This is particularly true for recurring purchases, which commit you over time: telephone packages, rent, SaaS subscriptions, etc.

It is still necessary to check that the real situation matches your forecasts: Cleemy Procurement centralizes the information and involves your employees throughout the process to make that sure.

No more hide-and-seek with expenditure commitments

Find the buyer of a purchase, make sure of a delivery, get a payment voucher… Cleemy Procurement saves you the hassle of supplier accounting.

The buyers are automatically notified when they have to approve a payment order, to rectify a discrepancy or to ask for an additional budget…

Cleemy Procurement displays the upcoming invoices, those that are late or awaiting confirmation and helps you to follow-up on the latecomers.

No more surprise disbursements

It is impossible to give the payment order for an invoice in Cleemy Procurement if its amount does not match the expense commitment. The same applies if the receipt is not in conformity.

The differences must be authorized by a manager or regularized by a credit note. Different options are available to users to handle disputes.

The responsibilities of the employees in the purchasing process are clear and segregated.

Properly processed proofs of purchase with Cleemy Procurement

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