Interfacing your accounting software with Lucca to eliminate unnecessary re-entries

Connecting your HR software suite with your IT management system is essential to eliminate unnecessary re-entry into your HR management processes. This is obvious for payroll, but this type of integration also applies to accounting, where expense reports must be included.

A direct connection between accounting and human resources software

Accounting software, Native integrations and interfacing methods

Cleemy Expenses offers models for exporting accounting entries in native formats for the main accounting suites: the various product lines of companies such as SAGE, Netsuite, etc… The same applies to the main ERPs on the market: SAP, Navision, AX, etc.

The configuration of the export is limited to customizing the labels of the entries and to transfer your chart of accounts into Cleemy Expenses’s configuration.

Accounting entries can be exported in various ways:

  • Regular deposit on a secure file server
  • On-demand generation of accounting entry files by calling our API (Programming Interface allowing two applications to communicate)
  • Manual import and export of the accounting entry file: the accounting does not necessarily need to be monitored in real time. This solution does not require any integration work
  • Sending accounting entries by email at the frequency of your choice

Transcription of your chart of accounts: from the accounting software to the HR tool

Cleemy Expenses is configured to faithfully transcribe your general chart of accounts: expense accounts, VAT accounts, accounts of third party employees and their auxiliaries, but also other balance sheet accounts related to the management of expense reports such as bank and imprest accounts.

Similarly, you can transcribe in Cleemy Expenses your various analytical frameworks (projects, cost centers, customers, etc.). Cleemy Expenses manages the analytical hierarchies such as the relationships between Client and Project, but also the users’ allocation rights, for example to limit the projects that are accessible by a given employee.

Analytical allocations can be synchronized with Cleemy Expenses from your ERP via our API or via a file deposit on a secure FTP server.

There is no barrier preventing your accounting software and your HR expense management software from speaking the same language.

A highly customizable accounting interface

The concept of accounting entry is universal, with a wide variety of accounting software that interfaces with HR management software. In addition, the accounting suites are highly customizable: labels, journals, structure of auxiliaries, etc.

Cleemy Expenses’s export formats are the same: simply select the types of entries you wish to follow (charges with employee or bank counterparts, advances, charges on advances, payments, etc.), define the fields to be exported, the form of the amounts, build labels by concatenating the information of your choice… You can even define rules for truncation (by unit, tenth or hundredth) and field completion if your accounting software expects a particular format.

We have not yet encountered an accounting software program whose format cannot be generated by our expense report software, Cleemy Expenses.

Indirect integrations between Lucca software and the accounting system

The time and activity management solution, Timmi exports the time allocated to projects by your employees to your ERP. This secure connection generally allows you to analytically break down the compensation of your employees according to their activity.

The same is true with our variable payroll management solution, Pagga Compensation and our leave and absence management solution Timmi Absences. These human resources software programs export the data required to prepare your payroll, which you then convert into accounting.