In an international context, the reliability of data and the uniformity of processes have become essential to support Ulule's growth.

Launched in October 2010, the crowdfunding platform has already given life to nearly 26’000 projects. 70 employees in 5 countries around the world make the platform a success every day.

Like most start-ups, for a long time, Ulule’s administrative team has had to manage with the means at hand… in other words, Excel.

Crowdfunding platform SMB
70 users
5 countries

« With Lucca tools, I have saved ½ a day per month of work just on entering holidays. I had no difficulty adopting the solution internally as it is so simple to use. »

Claire Bouzigues,
HR Director at Ulule

The Challenge

At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, strong growth in the number of employees in France and abroad prompted Ulule to look for a tool to meet the following needs:

    • Save time on administrative tasks
    • Simplify access to and transmission of information to employees
    • Facilitate control


When you are established in 5 countries, simplification, streamlining and harmonization become essential.

Faced with this strong growth, Ulule looked for a simple, complete and internationally scalable solution. Claire, the HR Director, appreciates the fact that she no longer has to manually and individually check and enter leave and absences in the payroll software. Aligning the onboarding process was also a high expectation, especially with the increase in the number of hirings.

For Nicolas, the CFO, the steps involved in managing expenses needed to be optimised to simplify their entry, approval and control.

The Solution

Ulule wanted a global solution to ensure that information was always up to date and that manual interventions were reduced to the absolute minimum:

Timmi Absences, for the management of teams’ leave requests, approvals and holiday planning. No more entries in Excel, no more printouts and no more endless validation procedures. No more re-entry, no more manual calculation and control of balances for Claire who sends all the payroll information in one click.

Poplee Core HR, for a centralized HR file and tailored onboarding campaigns. Whether the new employee arrives in France, Spain or Canada, the process is clear for everyone.

Cleemy Expenses, for dividing by 3 the time spent on processing and management of expense reports thanks to the collection of the photos of the receipts via the mobile application (OCR technology).