Why should you implement a Core HR solution in an SME?

From the time an employee signs his or her contract until the last day at your company, he or she generates a large amount of HR data. Whether your company has 25 or 200 employees, the collection and reliability of this information is crucial for the efficient management of employee records and the preparation of an accurate payroll.

What is a Core HR?

Core HR is one of the key HR concepts in the process of automating Human Resources management. It is a software program that collects, standardizes, centralizes and updates all the information related to an employee: identity, date of birth, address, bank details, social security number, complementary health insurance, degrees, type of contract, job title and description, position within the company, completed trainings, etc.

Core HR is an essential database for managing the arrival of new hires and departure of employees and must communicate with other tools such as software for managing leave and absences, reviews, or time tracking.

What is the benefit of a Core HR online software for my SME?

An HR file that is customizable, reliable and up-to-date

The creation of an employee’s HR file takes place when the candidate accepts the hiring proposal. Ideally, the new recruit’s data is collected before he or she arrives at the company in order to anticipate all the administrative procedures involved: creation of the employment contract, configuration of the onboarding process, transmission of the information to the payroll administrator in order to configure the employee in payroll, etc.

A Core HR tool facilitates the collection via a form that can be customized by the HR department according to the employee’s profile. In addition to the information and supporting documents (social security certificate, bank details, proof of transport, etc.), it is possible to create new data, whether mandatory or not, that will meet your company’s needs. This data can take different forms: text, figures, images… It can be a first aid certificate or a certificate of aptitude for handling hazardous products. As an example, the HR file can be used to create a new entry called “Patents” with a drop-down list allowing the employee to select the patent obtained and to enter the date on which it was obtained.

The form is sent by email to the future employee. The information and documents provided are then automatically centralized and archived in the database of the Core RH software. No need to manually check the data transmitted, Core HR automatically sends reminders to late submitters and notifies HR by email as soon as an employee changes his or her administrative information.

The Core RH software allows you to automatically launch update campaigns. Periodic events can also be the subject of specific campaigns. Before the annual seminar in Lucca, for example, the HR department launches a campaign to update employees’ identity documents before making flight reservations. Each employee is then notified and asked to check the number and validity date of his or her identity card or passport.

Data updates are mandatory and periodic in some companies. This is the case of monthly transport receipts or certificates of driver’s licence for companies employing drivers.

Easier exports to payroll and report generation

Since HR data is centralized and streamlined, the generation of exports and reports is greatly facilitated.

Every month, the Core HR solution summarizes the events impacting the payroll (changes to HR files, arrival of new hires and departures…) in the form of a shuttle form to facilitate the work of the payroll manager.

A steering console for workforce management

The HR file provides a clear, accurate and real-time view of your company’s workforce. It issues alerts at the approach of important deadlines: the end of a probationary period, maternity leave or a fixed-term contract, a medical check-up, the expiration of a certification…

This type of software also provides analytical tables to monitor key indicators such as turnover rate and breakdown by seniority profile. The Core HR solution provides you with concrete elements to help you make decisions or implement corrective measures.

A tool to support the company’s growth

A Core HR software is an asset in the internationalization of a company. It facilitates the harmonization of HR data and allows teams to be automatically assigned to various legal entities, while documenting languages spoken, local currencies and regulations, etc.

Core HR software also offers Onboarding and Offboarding modules, and interfaces with other HR software such as compensation management, goals and review management, and time tracking.

Last but not least, the time saved on administrative management allows the HR department to devote itself to more pivotal and strategic projects: recruitment, skills mapping, employee mobility requests and training plans, implementation of a CSR policy or occupational health and safety measures (workplace risk assessment, etc.).